Way back in the dusty corners of my mind where I store a few of the things I learned in my business & finance courses in college, I can still hear that little personal finance principle that says you should never buy things you don’t need, even if they’re a great deal. But, I have to say I don’t think that rule applies to $2 tables. That’s why when I saw this, I didn’t blink, I just bought it & brought it home. I even offered to let my best friend have it, but it was a little smaller than what she was looking for, so I made it over myself. And besides, I knew I could find a place for it somewhere.Overall, the condition was pretty good, but the bottom shelf had a little water damage, so I just peeled off the damaged veneer & sanded it down.I’ve been seeing some great metallic furniture around blogland, & this little table seemed like the perfect candidate for that. So, I gave it a few coats of Krylon Satin Nickel, then went over it with a little glaze, just like I did on this project.After that, I just added a little glass knob for interest & that was it! And since I hardly let the paint dry on anything before I start using it, it was in its place outside the master bath in about an hour. It’s perfect for holding a few little Parisian treasures.My mom found this little vintage print of Notre Dame for me in an antique shop…And these are a few vintage Paris postcards that I googled & printed …And our initials- made from wooden letters & scrapbook paper…And now, ever since I finished it, I’ve been singing “Fly Me Away” by Annie Little in my head. I’ve never dedicated a song to a table before, but this one just goes with my table. I added this little clip for those of you who’ve never heard it. Just humor me.Sharing this little project with a few of these crafty blogs & Primitive & Proper!