I told you I was busy this week putting out the fall decor & when I started on my kitchen shelf I got so busy, I forgot to take a picture of the “before” summer version. Not that you’re all dying to see that, but I kinda wanted to remember it for myself in case I run out of ideas & need to use that one again next year. I did find this pic of the kitchen, so if you look closely into the background you’ll see the “before”. Remember the topiaries?And, don’t hate me, but here’s one of the things I love about that range hood: Now you see them…Now you don’t! No one will ever know I have trees hiding in there. Except you & me, of course.I’ll just interject here that if you are building or remodeling, DO NOT waste good storage space. Think it thru & use every possible nook & cranny. You never know when you may want to hide away some trees.And here’s my little fall display. I show you this to point out a couple of things. First, don’t be afraid to dress up your cabinets with a wreath now & then. And because I get a lot of questions about how I hang my different wreaths, I’ll show you this little tip:I’ve been using these Command hooks for years on my cabinets to hang wreaths. Especially at Christmastime. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the package & adhere the hook upside down on the inside of the cabinet. Then, loop a ribbon thru your wreath, knot the ends of the ribbon, take it over the top of the cabinet, then catch the ribbon on your hook inside the door. Here’s a picture. Sorry it’s not completely focused. I was on tip toes on a bar stool, trying to take a picture without killing myself. But that’s the way I hang my wreaths, and so far I’ve lived to tell about it!The second thing I wanted to point out is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on seasonal decor to give your home the feeling of fall. I literally spent a dollar on this shelf display, & just used things I already had for the rest. Here’s where I spent the big buck:This was a Dollar Store sea gull that I painted with black craft paint. It took all of 5 minutes. The wreath is one I’ve had for years & used to hang on my front door at my old house. And I LOVE a chalkboard as a great way to change up the decor for all kinds of occasions.

The white stoneware is part of my collection from all around the house.My Mamaw (a.k.a. my southern grandmother) gave me the turkey platter a couple of years ago, and the blue one is one I had in the cabinets. And I’ve used those pine cones for years.I hope this inspires you to shop your house before you shop the stores. You may find everything you need without spending anything! Sharing these ideas with a few of these parties!