Hang on, you don’t have to run out & buy me a gift just yet. I’m actually not turning 29 again until May. This post is about my latest creation/obsession from the weekend. It started out Saturday when I was out alone on an errand & decided to stop into a shop that I could only go in when I had no kids with me. Yeah, one of those kinds of shops. I browsed around, drooling over the lavishness until I found the one thing I knew was meant for my house. But because this beautiful treasure happened to cost as much as our first car, I had no intention of buying it, but every intention of reproducing it before you could say the word “copycat” three times fast. So, of course I made a bee-line to Hobby Lobby & knew it was positively Providential that the tube paints were all on sale. {I’ll just interject here that along with being OCD, I have the more specific variety called OCCD -Obsessive Compulsive Creativity Disorder, which just means of course, that when I get inspired, I simply must create & now. And, yes, if Hobby Lobby were open 24 hours, I’d be there.}Okay, where was I? So I sped home, barely saying hello to my husband & kids as I ran to my craft room. My husband was not alarmed. He’s seen this before. And so I created My Project, pausing to eat & sleep only because the paint had to dry. It’s entitled “My Birthday” and it was inspired by artist Carey Haynes, whom you can admire here.The words on the painting are a little verse I wrote just for the Lord, and my husband, and each of my four children. They say:

“It was my birthday the day you came. Then suddenly, everything was sweet.Now I know how to sing, and laugh, and create, and live, and love…because you’re here.And a hundred years’ worth of birthday wishes-come-true could not compare to the day you came.”

And now my little project is exactly where it belongs. On the wall by our kitchen table where we can see it everyday. And for now I’m free …until I see the next beautiful thing that inspires me.