I have a hard time parting with certain things. Okay, I have a hard time parting with a lot of different things. I have clothes I haven’t worn in…a lot of years, but somehow, I can’t let them go. That’s why my closet is the size that it is. And if you wrote me a letter when I was 10, chances are, I could find it somewhere in my house. Research papers from college? Yeah, I’ve got ’em.

I’m the same way when it comes to friends. When I find a good one, I keep them. I may not get to talk with them everyday or even every year. But I keep in my mind the great memories of them & love to catch up with them whenever we can. Maybe that’s why I love Facebook. There’s just nothing like being in touch with almost everyone you know simultaneously. But, I have one friend who’s been around for as long as I can remember (literally). I met her at age 3, and our paths have been intertwined for most of our lives since. Those of you who know me well, already know Denise, too. I could write another blog devoted entirely to our adventures and misadventures, but that will have to wait. Here we are in the photo below (she’s on the left, I’m on the right). She may kill me for posting a picture of her without her permission, but now I have readers to be witnesses, so I’m probably safe.There are a million reasons why we’re friends (the main one being that she knows too much about me for me to let her go now), but it’s also because we love the same things, laugh at the same time, admire the same people, dream of the same places, and just that we’ve shared so much of each other’s lives that we wouldn’t be ourselves without each other. And here’s another little reason she gave me just today.Don’t you love it? Some of you recognize this from blogs like the Nester or others may know it from Edie (whom Denise & I actually know personally from years ago!). It’s a tassel! Custom-created for me by Denise & inspired by my “Ballooning Over Paris” bathroom–which she helped me paint for 3 late nights, I might add. Recently, the Nester wrote an e-book about how to make these tassels, and Edie posted instructions as well. (Click on them for more info).Here it is in action…Here it is, helping me get one step closer to a fully-decorated bathroom.And here’s a picture of my cloud ceiling, just because you need to get the whole effect.I love, love, love my tassel & nothing else has ever made my toilet paper more attractive. But more than that, I love it because I know how much thought & planning Denise put into it just for me.She’s the best. And she’s my friend. For life.