Woo Hoo! New Year’s Eve. I always love a good holiday & they’re all good in my book. But because this day is significant, I thought I should post something before the day gets busy & runs away from me. I have nothing inspiring or too profound. Just a little thought about today. Today is when half the world seems to be looking back, reflecting on everything this year gave us, sad about some things & glad about others. And the other half of the world is looking forward, making lists of resolutions they hope they can keep, places they want to go, or people they hope to meet. This morning I was considering which of the groups I belong to. I’ve been a part of both, but today, I’m in the latter half. I’m excited about next year. There’s a lot to do & see & teach & learn & enjoy waiting for me in 2010. We had a great year in 2009. Not everything was pleasant every day, but just like every year before, God blessed us again. And I know the same will happen next year.If you’re in the first group, looking back & possibly regretting, let it go. That’s what I love about January 1st. Even if December 31st didn’t end so great, tomorrow there’s another chance. You can get up in the morning & start all over. It’s a brand new day. What will you do with it? And so I’ll leave 2009 with a little Mary Engelbreit. 2010, Here we come!