Wow. Just sitting down for a sec to catch my breath after a summer that just went by in a blur. We did pack a lot into it, but still– I wasn’t ready for it to be over! In case you hadn’t noticed, I put myself on a scaled-back blogging schedule for summer because life. That’s pretty much it. We’ve had a lit of living going on and I’ve just had less time to comment on it all. I have shared our major highlights, which really were major, and you can scroll back a few posts to read about those if you missed them!

But, today, as I try to get back into my work and blogging routine, I’m just catching you upon some random things. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you do see a little more of the happenings from our day-to-day, since it’s quicker and easier to post, so follow me there if you want to see more!

First up is a little update on Franny the Fiddle Leaf since I recently posted about her big move (the repotting). And I am thrilled to report that very shortly after moving into her new pot, she sprouted new leaves! So all is currently well with her!

In other living room news, I made a spontaneous design purchase to add some color and switch things up a little with a new ottoman! 

I am so loving the pattern, and some of us had a great discussion on Insta about how we feel about mixing design styles.  I love the pop of mod mixed in this mostly traditional space.  How do you feel about it? You can shop the ottoman below (also comes in other colors)..

Something else I haven’t told you all about yet is that I surprised my husband for Father’s Day this year with a new espresso machine!  (Maybe my favorite gift I ever got him!)  

We’ve gotten plenty of practice with it this summer making all kinds delicious lattes and affogattos (espresso poured over ice cream!).  We had first used this particular machine at the condo we stayed in in San Diego last summer and we fell in love with it!  I can’t recommend it enough for a great home machine if you are in the market for one! It’s not so big that it takes up toooo much space, but you will need a little place for it. We currently have a full-on coffee bar in our kitchen now, with this plus a regular coffee maker, plus a Keurig!  And somehow it all still fits! 

Click on the pic below for shopping info…

A project to watch for on the horizon is yet another mural wall to add to my ever-growing collection!  We currently have 6 accent walls but there is always room for another, right?? This one is going to be bold, so brace yourselves.  And I’m actually talking to me, too, because I’m still a little nervous!  But excited!  But also nervous!  Who wants to take a guess where it will be??

And lastly, changes are coming to the actual blog very soon!  You may have noticed some bugs in recent months and I will be getting those ironed out and shifting to a new look as well so watch for that!  

For those of you still in summer mode, enjoy!  I envy you!  But as we know, life must go on and there are always exciting things ahead!  Looking forward to sharing them with you!