As I’ve mentioned, this summer has been full of adventures so far, including our trip to Ireland, two engagements and, most recently, the daunting task of repotting Franny the Fiddle Leaf Fig! So happy to report that all is well with Franny so far, and since I haven’t given an update on her here on the blog in a while, I thought this would be a good time!

I had been dreading this day because I had never repotted a fig before, but I had noticed the roots getting too tight against the pot and the lack of new leaf growth, and I knew it was time!

I had done some research before starting and found a pot in the next size up (only an inch or two bigger in diameter, but about 3 inches deeper than the original pot).  I also bought some Miracle Gro Indoor Potting Mix!  (See shopping links below.)

To start the process, I waited until it was about time to water her so the soil was dry and easy to remove.  Then we took Franny outside and removed her from the original pot and started brushing off the old potting soil from around the roots.  (Thanks to my husband for being my handsome assistant as usual!)

Being careful not to damage the roots, we just brushed away the old soil.

Next, we filled the bottom of the new pot with the new potting soil to raise the root ball to the the top of the pot.  

If you’re planning to do this, just place the plant carefully into the new pot and adjust the soil level if needed.

Then, just fill in the gaps around the root ball with more soil.

Gently shake the pot to make sure the soil fills in all the gaps, then water thoroughly until the water runs clear out of the drainage holes.  After watering, add more soil to the pot if needed and then water again.

I have been using a top rated fertilizer for fiddle leaf figs as well, which I add every 2 or 3 weeks when I water, but it’s not recommended to fertilize a fiddle leaf just after potting so get some and hold onto it til later!

It’s been almost a week since her big move to a new pot, and everything seems to be going just fine with Franny back in her favorite corner!

I’ll keep you posted on any new developments on my Instagram so follow along on her progress!  Meanwhile, we’re off to more summer adventures!  Hope you’re having a great summer as well!