Years from now, I may look back on this summer and refer to it as “The Summer of Secrets”, as I’ve been under way too much pressure to keep too many! But we will, for sure, look back and refer to this summer as “The Summer of Sweet Engagements”, because our second one in the family has just occurred! (In 3 weeks’ time!)

This time it was our son, Grant, who popped the question, and he chose another picturesque iconic Knoxville spot to do it!  His fiancée, Miriam, is a beautiful girl, inside and out, and we couldn’t be happier to have her joining our family soon!

Grant set up the surprise by having Miriam brought down to this park to what she thought was a work assignment.  Then, he came out from hiding to surprise her.  The rest of us were hiding out to watch as well, including Miriam’s mom, who came in from out of town for the big event!

It’s amazing how fast time flies, but this summer, especially, it feels like we’re in warp speed with these major life events coming one right after another!  Next year, both Grant and Abby will be graduating from college and getting married as well!  I’m going to be busy, y’all!  

But this planning process is going to be a blast.  We’ve already had some very special times with planning the engagements.  And Grant won “brother of the year” when he asked his 3 sisters to go along to help him choose a ring.  So sweet!  And they’re just a little excited to be getting another sister!

Yes, they grow up fast!  These two were little just a few days ago, but time keeps going, and chapters keep getting written!  Looking forward to seeing how God writes the next chapters as well, and what He has planned for each of us!  

In case you missed Abby’s proposal, you can see it HERE. There are no more proposals planned for this family anytime soon, but we have plenty to keep us busy at this point! I hope you’ll keep following along here to see how it unfolds!