There’s just something about a new house that stirs up excitement, similar to the feeling of turning the page in a favorite book, in thrilling anticipation of what adventures are waiting on the next page.  What lies ahead for the hero or heroine? What obstacles might they face and how will they overcome them?  What color will they choose for the walls and will the closing happen on time?? Right??!

But, seriously–I am always excited for people when they finally get that key and open the door to their very own new nest.  And that’s just what happened for my mom recently!




And guess who was there every step of the way to help choose any and every color, finish, and detail? Yep, that was me.

My mom is not the type who likes to deal with details… I got that from my Dad.  So she had had no problem leaving choices for colors and fixtures to my brother and I.  And especially since we are all right down the road from her now, we didn’t mind at all!  She brought a few pieces with her from her previous house, but most of it is new to this one, including this painting from her favorite artist. (Ha! I had to say it!)



But, truly, I was honored that she asked me to paint a new picture for her new home.  I shared this on my Instagram a few weeks ago, and many of you were so kind with your comments.  It may be a piece that only a mother could love, but she does, so that’s what matters to me!



We chose the colors of the painting as the perfect pop for her mostly neutral decor.  All the interior walls are my favorite gray: Sherwin Williams Silver Strand, and it provides the most fresh clean feeling!



If this console looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same one I have and love!  Of course I originally stole the inspiration from my sister who had it first, but like my dad used to say, we find a good thing and we stick with it! It’s so fabulous and comes in 3 choices of finishes.  I’m trying to provide shopping source links for you throughout this post (click on the thumbnail pics to shop them), but you can find this table via my affiliate link HERE.

The mirror and lamps were from Hobby Lobby.  And the set of striped chairs are some she’s had for years from her previous house.






At the time I shot these photos, we were still looking around for a coffee table for the living room.  And then I remembered I had this old refab one from years ago in my storage!  Anyone remember the one?  So we have since brought it over to mom’s and its working fine until the day we may decide to get a different one!



It’s a great open floor plan, so it’s perfect for entertaining! We love how guests can easily converse from the living area to the dining area to the kitchen!  And speaking of, I just love the kitchen!!



And the dining area is just the cottage chic we were going for!





And–big surprise twist: we also got a chalkboard for the wall!  You knew it was coming, didn’t you?  Every house needs one, as I always say!



I’ve sourced several of the items you see here in the thumbnails in this post, but feel free to ask if you see something I haven’t mentioned.  The throw pillows from her sofa were a Marshall’s find, and the fans and light fixtures are from Lowes.




That’s it for Part 1 of the tour, but Part 2 of the tour will be coming later this week and I’ll share the bedrooms!  You’ll love those, too!  Hope you’ve enjoyed everything so far!  We appreciate so many of you who have prayed for my mom and followed her path during this transition! And now, a shot of my favorite little spot in the house… I shared with some of you before that I know my dad would love this house if he could see it, and maybe he can!