If you’re getting sick of reading about my love for Paris & French decor, come back in a few days. I promise I’ll shut up soon. But if not, keep reading & I’ll tell you about this little table I found at Goodwill for only $15. A perfect little piece to go with my new French sofa. (After I painted it, that is.)PhotobucketPhotobucket

My first step was to lightly sand the entire table so that it would easily accept the paint. I wanted to paint it a distressed light grey, & it just so happens I have a few shades of grey in my garage left over from when we built the house, so I ended up using only paint that I already had, saving me even more money! I started with a couple coats of Sherwin William’s Nebulous White, leftover from my laundry room.


Next, I painted a coat of SW’s Silver Strand, but it wasn’t quite as grey as I wanted, so I made a “wash” with 1 part SW’s Earl Grey & 2 parts water. This is what started giving it the distressed appearance. Photobucket

After a coat of that, I added the slightest hint of a light green on the corners. Then, I sanded it here & there to let some of the original stain show through.Photobucket

It turned out to be just what I needed for the piano room. This was super-easy! And because I was using a high quality paint, I didn’t use a clear coat. But, I would recommend it for most paints. And here’s another tip: Sherwin William’s sells their sample quarts for less than $4! A project like this takes only a fraction of a quart. They will mix a sample quart in any color you want, including colors from other brands. They don’t like to promote this because they say the paint is not the same quality as their high-end paints sold in the gallon (and because they want to sell you the $15 quart), but if you use a protective clear coat, it will work great. Hope this inspires you to try this!

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSharing this project with some of these parties. Check them out!