If you’ve never been into a thrift store on a little search for a DIY challenge for yourself, I suggest you try it at least once!  In the beginning days of this blog, I did a ton of thrift store makeovers, and you can click HERE to look through some of those if you are looking for a little inspiration!  Since it had been awhile since I had done one of these projects, I decided to stop in at one of our Goodwill shops and see what kind of art I could find to use for my powder bath.  And like so many other times before, I found the perfect piece…



I shared this on my Instagram stories this week and had to crack up at how many of you were worried that I was going to use this canvas just as it was!  But no– I knew it was the perfect size for my space and it would be an easy makeover, and it was only 79 cents!

So, I started the project by cleaning off the dirt and dust and then just painting it over with a couple coats of basic white acrylic paint.




Once I had a blank canvas, I gathered several other paint colors and began the vision I had in my head!  One inspirational element I wanted to incorporate was a message in a “frame”, and I love the style of artist Molly Hatch, so I decided to use this vase as my inspiration…







My next plan was to incorporate a landscape painting onto the piece.  I used a few of the techniques I shared in this post.  So, I started with painting the bottom half varying shades of green.



Next I did the sky in blues and plenty of white, and even a hint of pale pink for the clouds.


After letting that dry, I decided to add a few happy trees as well!



And that was it– such a quick transformation and the perfect size art I was looking for in the power room!



And the colors are a great compliment to my original artwork for this room.  Click here to see the post about this piece!





I hope this inspires you to try a little thrift store art makeover for yourself!  As you can see, it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be an accomplished artist to make something that fits in your home!  If you need some inspiration, pin some of your favorite artists, take note of some of the elements you like about them, then give it a try with your own spin on it!  And I’d love to see what you come up with!