Last week, I shared with you all our powder room bath makeover, which was such a fun project my husband and I recently did together.  The only missing piece was artwork for the big blank white wall, and this week, I tackled that, too!

It was just the pop of color this space needed, and the added bonus was that I had such a great time painting this!



I must admit, I was a little intimidated by this huge 36×48 canvas at first, like I shared with those of you who are on Instagram, but my husband reminded me that this is not actually the largest painting I’ve tackled!  (Remember Lola’s was mural here?)



I guess I was so anxious to get started that I forgot to take a pic of the paints I used, but they are just the basic acrylic craft paints like I’ve used in the past in the 2 oz bottles.



Since I’m just an amateur artist having fun, I usually need an inspiration piece of some kind to get me started, so I used this one which I found on Pinterest from here.



While I don’t expect any awards for my painting skills anytime soon, it’s just satisfying to create yet another piece of the puzzle that makes our home.  And painting is so therapeutic!



When I posted this on my Instagram stories, I added a poll to ask if you would feel totally intimidated or totally exhilarated with a blank canvas like this in front of you.  And I was surprised to find that the results were almost 50/50!  This is the fourth painting I’ve done for our house the in past two years (not counting the mural) and I can’t wait to try more!  Who else is inspired to try one??


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