This post is sponsored by Rhodes Bake N Serv.  All opinions are mine.


It’s true– in the heat of the summer, I don’t often feel the urge to turn on the oven and bake, but if there’s anything that can change my mind, it’s the smell of fresh bread! And when the nice people at Rhodes Bake N Serv recently asked if I’d like to try their new Warm N Serv yeast rolls, no one had to twist my arm! Since there’s no need to thaw these, and they’re ready in 12 minutes, they’re the perfect roll to have on hand in the freezer, ready to make anytime you crave a soft yeast roll!  (You can even microwave them and have them ready in seconds!)



They seriously cannot be any easier to make.  Just place them on the pan and into the oven!  And they taste delicious.


And what goes better on a hot roll than butter?  Here’s a fresh twist for some special butter that’s perfect for these rolls or whatever else you want to put it on!  It’s so simple, the only two ingredients are in the name: an orange and butter!  And you can whip this up in time to spread it on your hot rolls as soon as they come out of the oven!


Just cut an orange in half and squeeze out about 3 Tablespoons of juice.


In a medium bowl, beat one stick of softened butter, then pour in the fresh-squeezed juice.



Next, use a zester or fine grater to grate the orange peel to get about 1 teaspoon of orange zest, and add it to the bowl.


Whip the ingredients together for a minute or two until it’s light and fluffy.


By then, your rolls should be coming out of the oven, and you’re ready to spread!



I love how this butter adds just a hint of sweet citrus!  My mouth is watering again as I’m sitting here typing about it!




Hope you enjoy this simple little recipe and that you’re having great summer!  Don’t forget to click here to visit Rhodes and see all the varieties of breads they have available and get more recipes to try!