You know it’s been a good summer when you’ve been too busy having a fun time to talk about having your good time!  We really have had a lot of activity going on, but the good news is– we’ve been together!  And that’s the main point– am I right?  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that’s where I share about my travels, but when we stay somewhere really fun, I like to tell you all about it here as well!

As you can imagine, it’s not always easy finding comfortable accommodations for a family of 6, but we take the time to do our research when traveling, and our recent trip to San Diego was no different!  We had never been there, but decided, since we were staying an entire week, we’d like to stay out of the city a little ways on the coast.  If you can drink your morning coffee with a beach view, that’s a great vacation in my book, and that’s what we found with this place!

Along the coast near San Diego are several beach towns, each with its own personality it seems, and one of them is Solana Beach!  This is where we stayed in a condo that definitely felt like home from the first moment.  Find the listing HERE for all the details and booking info, but I wanted to share some of my favorite rooms and elements of this gorgeous home.  Just FYI– this is not a sponsored post.  I do not know these owners.  I just want to share from friend to friend a great recommendation!


Right when you step in the door, you notice the gorgeous kitchen and just beyond that, the amazing ocean view…





I love the attention to detail in all of the design, including the many built-ins and beautiful finishes.








There are so many extras, including a piano (with headphones!), and gorgeous furnishings.



But the view off of the living area (as well as the master bedroom downstairs) is so great!



The beach is actually a pretty good drop below you, so the view is from way above, but the beach is easy to get to down a path along the ropes.






Rather than share every pic of all three of the beautiful bedrooms, I pulled just a few of the master bedroom and bath from the owner’s listing…








But I was especially in love with all the details like these gorgeous faucets!!


Not to mention the fabulous espresso machine!  (You do have to bring your own barista, though!)


Overall, we give this rental two thumbs up!  The owners were over the top in hospitality and left us a very nice welcome bag of goodies from the area as well as fruit and many other essentials.  The area of Solana Beach is really nice as well, with a very nice shopping district. Check out my Instagram from our trip at the end of June to see some of the gorgeous places we visited!

Have you ever been to San Diego? I’d love to hear about it!