For someone who doesn’t like change, I tend to change things up a lot… at least when it comes to this hoop wreath!  I’ve done several versions of it since I posted the first one here.   And through its many styles, it has remained right here in the breakfast room window for over a year now, and I’m still loving it.  My latest version is this magnolia leaf design, and it might just be my favorite yet!


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Just like the original design, this wreath can be finished in just a few minutes, and also like the original, it starts with a simple embroidery hoop like this one.  I used the same one I had, so I just removed the other greenery and left the ribbon for hanging.



The only other items needed are some faux magnolia leaves and some floral wire.  I found this bunch of leaves at Hobby Lobby, but here is an online source as well.



There were 30 leaves in this bunch, and it was just the right amount I needed for this wreath.  To start off, I just separated the bunch into stems, which each had 3 leaves.  Then, I began to wire them onto the hoop starting at the top left side.




Working counterclockwise around, I added more stems, overlapping the previous ones as I went.




After wiring on about 21 leaves, I switched directions and wired on about 8 more going in the opposite direction.




I reserved the very last leaf to cover the gap where the stems met at the bottom.



And as one last finishing touch, I added a black and white striped bow from wired ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby. Love this stuff!

It was just the right amount of change I need for Spring and Summer in this space.  And who doesn’t need a good magnolia wreath in their life, right?  Now if I just had a magnolia tree in my yard.  Maybe that should be my next project!  Hope you like this, friends!