I love to set a table for special events, and I love to gather inspiration from great table decorators on Pinterest!  I have a few signature techniques that I tend to gravitate toward like using paper combined with my nice plates and gold flatware, and also using garlands and banners to dress up the mirror.


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I recently spotted this setting on a marble table and I decided I loved the look.  But since I don’t have a marble table top, I opted for this marble paper to see how it would look.


And it turns out, I absolutely love it!  But there is a little trick to it!  I just unrolled the paper and left it adhered to the paper backing.  However, if you’ve used this type of adhesive paper before, you know it can be rippled as it comes off the roll.  The good news is, it’s really easy to smooth out by simply warming up the vinyl with a hair dryer and gently smoothing it with your hand!



For place cards, I layered some white cardstock and some gold dotted paper, adding a stem attached with washi tape!



And for the first time in a while, I decided to go with all faux flowers simply because they last longer!  I found the ranunculus, the greenery, and the gold dotted vases at Hobby Lobby this week.


(This post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.)


The gold striped paper napkins were from Target as well as the Easter eggs and the candle holder.  (Find the link for that here.)









And remember how I kept this leaf garland up all through the fall and winter in the piano room?  Well, it made its way to the dining room for Spring!  Find the simple how-to for that here.




And my favorite part of this table is that there is a place set for all of my kids!  Looking forward to having my college kids home and all of us being together for a few days!






I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating the Resurrection of Christ with your family and friends!  It is truly a day worth celebrating!