I can hardly believe it as I type this, but I’m soon coming up on my 1000th post on this blog.  That’s not a typo– I actually mean one thousand.  (what?!)  That’s a lot of chatting about life and home and DIY over the past 8 years.  And since only a few of you were here back in the beginning, I’m going to pull some of my reader’s favorites from through the years and revamp them a little in the near future, starting with this post today.


I’ve done a lot of how-to’s on topiaries here, but one of my very first is still one of the favorites, still gets pinned all the time on Pinterest, and is still being used in my house after 8 years!  I know you’ve seen these topiaries in many pics here, as I’ve moved them around from the kitchen to the family room mantel…



They are truly timeless, and I think I would cry if something happened to them because they are a couple of my favorite accent pieces ever.  If you promise not to laugh at my early blogging style, I’ll link you to the original tutorial HERE.

They work for all seasons in lots of ways.  And I’m sure you’ll keep seeing them in my posts like I’ve shared in these past photos…





Another of my favorites and a favorite of readers is my simple moss urn.  This one first debuted back in 2012, and I promise you, I have not changed it at all since I first made it.  The moss has remained fresh-looking, through the many rooms it’s been in as well.  Can you guess what common household item I used to form the dome?  You can find the easy tutorial by clicking HERE.





And because I loved my small one so much, last year I decide to make some large moss urns for the front porch.  These have also become some of my favorites, but I do have to fill these in from time to time because my local birds love to steal my moss!  This is not a battle I intend to lose, so the urns will stay on the porch!  You can find the how-to for these HERE.






Everyone is always looking for ways to freshen their homes with timeless pieces, and these staples have definitely worked for me!  I hope you like them too!