One of the luxuries of staying home so much over the Christmas break was being able to take more time for special breakfasts!  Of course, by “special” I don’t mean difficult, because that’s not how I roll!  But, one of my recent favorites is my own version of banana granola pancakes, inspired by some I’ve had at First Watch!  You only need a few ingredients, which you probably already have on hand!



To make these, just start with your favorite complete pancake mix.  You’ll also need water for the mix, an over-ripe banana or two, and some granola!



Start by making the batter according to directions, just mixing the water and mix until moistened.


Next, you’ll add the banana.  This is not an exact science, but I typically add about half a banana per one cup of pancake mix that I’m using.  If the banana is soft enough, you can just drop it in and use a whisk to break it up as you mix it in.  If not, you can mash it up before adding it to the batter.





Then, just prepare your pan by heating a little butter, then pour out the batter as you would for a regular pancake…




Right after that, sprinkle a layer of granola all over the top side of the batter.  This KIND Cinnamon is our favorite! (Available via affiliate link>> here)





Then, just like regular pancakes, flip when the under side is golden brown.  That’s it!  no need to add granola to the other side.



Just top with your favorite syrup and enjoy!  You could even make this with whole grain pancake mix for even more whole grains in your diet!  They’re perfect for slow mornings, but quick enough for school and work days, too!  Let me know what you think of them!