Call me crazy, but I love a good urn of moss. There’s something so English Garden-esque about it, and I’m a fool for English Garden-esque. I realize this picture has already been posted by home bloggers across the world, but there are so many things I love in it, so I’m sharing it again.


I can’t even list all the things I love about this entry, but for today’s post, notice the moss in the urns. {Mmmmmm!} And the turquoise velvet settee makes me want to take off on a cross-country search for one just like it. But, back to the urns. The understated simplicity of them is so captivatingly complex, don’t you agree?

And the same with this one…love it!

{source: Better Homes and Gardens}

So, if you’re like me, the question, of course, is how to replicate the look for ourselves. If money is no object, you could simply click here to order this little beauty from Ethan Allen (only $349).

But if that price tag makes you go “Eeeek!”, then maybe you’ll like this option…

I found a great little urn at Hobby Lobby for around $10 several weeks ago, and decided to make my own moss urn.

Since I wanted a gray one, I gave it a quick coat of gray acrylic paint and then brushed a little black over the details for a little more definition.

Then, I used my basic newspaper and tape method that I have used to make topiaries in the past to create a big ball. I just kept layering and taping the paper until I had the size I wanted.

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Then, I stuck it in the urn and started hot-gluing on the moss. I used Reindeer Moss for this one and just covered all the exposed newspaper.


Let me just take this opportunity to remind you to be careful when using hot glue because you can seriously hurt yourself as I did while making this urn.

Warning: Gross Picture Below!

Yep, that hurt.

So, anyway, on with the urn. After it was covered, I wrapped a few flexible branches around it as well because I just wanted to.

And then I made a second little moss ball for this metal urn, also from Hobby Lobby, and also 50% off. For this one, I used the dried floral moss and covered the ball once again using the hot glue.

I’m loving these. Hope you like them, too!

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