In between the occasional trip to the pool and a few fun family adventures, my girls and I have had a blast at home this summer cooking up a few goodies here and there.  And since basically every recipe in my favorites has to pass my two requirements (quick and easy), we’ve had time to experiment with several!  But ever since I started making some different variations of chocolate ganache delicacies, this family can’t get enough of them!  I think you’ll love this simple recipe that might just be your next favorite, too.




The basis for this and some of the other treats we’ve made is a basic chocolate ganache, which sounds way fancier than it is.  It consists of two basic staples that pretty much every Southern girl already has in her kitchen:  semi-sweet chocolate chips and heavy cream.


Once you learn the basic ganache technique, I’m telling you, it’s like a whole new world is in front of you.  For this adventure, we’re making mini tartlets with pre-baked phyllo shells, so here’s the full ingredient list:

  • one 12-ounce bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 3/4 cup of heavy cream
  • 60 mini fillo (phyllo) shells (in the frozen section at the grocery store)
  • 6 oz (around 60) raspberries, washed and dried



Since these little fillo shells are pre-baked, all you have to do is place them on a tray or baking sheet, and they’re ready to fill! (SO easy, right?!)


After that, pour the cream into a pan and bring to boil.  While you’re waiting for the boil, pour the chocolate chips into a bowl.



Once the cream has come to a rolling boil, just pour it over the chocolate chips and begin stirring.





As you keep stirring, the chips will melt into a beautiful creamy ganache that you will not be able to resist taste-testing at least once.

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Once it’s smooth and creamy, it’s ready to fill the shells!  I used a mini trigger cookie scoop for evenly filling the shells.  (Click here for a good price for a set of these.)




After filling, top each with a fresh raspberry and chill the tarts until ready to serve.



These pretty little treats are perfect for parties, showers, luncheons, or just a special treat for the family.  I’ll share some more fun with ganache before too long.  (Hey, maybe that should be a new series!)  Enjoy, friends!