So, in case you haven’t heard the news, I’ve got a new rug on my front porch. And today I’m telling you all the reasons why I love it and how to make one for yourself.

First of all, I found the best rug possible for a DIY project like this thanks tomy blogging friend, Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles. She shared the story of her own rug makeover and ended my search for a great project candidate. I’m telling you, you will not find a better outdoor rug for a better price. I chose the hobnail design , but it comes in ribbed as well. It’s a whoppin’ 6’X8′, super-soft on your feet, and lightweight yet substantial. So here ya go (you’re sogonna love this)… you can find it at Click here to see it. At only $17.88, it’s a steal.

But what’s even better? You can save an extra 5% off your order and see any current coupon codes by first clicking on Ebates! Please tell me you’re already using this. If not, it only takes like 10 seconds to sign up and then you’re ready to start getting your free money. It’s so super-easy and you will love getting that check in the mail every 3 months! So, before you buy your rug, click here to sign up.

Once the rug arrives, you’ll be ready to add your design. I love, love, love a bee and laurel wreath motif, so I asked my handsome graphic designer (whom I happen to be married to) to whip one up for me that I could use as a pattern for my rug.

Click here to download the large version if you’d like to use it on your rug!

So, I printed it out and pieced it together with a little tape.

Then, I just cut around it, leaving the laurel wreath intact rather than cutting it completely apart.

Then, I was ready to outline it onto the rug. So, I found the exact center and then outlined my pattern with a Sharpie.

To save myself a little cutting, I just traced the reverse of the laurel wreath rather than cut out both sides. After the removing the pattern, I finished marking each individual leaf by free-hand.

Then, it was ready for the paint. I laid the rug out on the driveway with a drop cloth underneath to get started.

The paint I used was just basic flat black latex enamel off the shelf from Lowes.

I used a basic small artist’s brush to paint in the design.

Then I taped off a 2-inch border and used a small foam roller to paint that on. It takes a little pressure applied to the roller to get the paint through the texture of the rug.

The entire design required about 2/3 of a quart of paint.

After allowing the paint to dry overnight, it was out on the porch. Did I mention I love it? Hope you like it, too, and get inspired to try it for yourself.

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