Dear Faithful Blog Readers–

Pardon me while I try to shake myself awake from vacation mode.  I’ve just opened my laptop for the first time in 2 weeks (not kidding!) and the break felt really good.  Hawaii turned out to be the perfect vacation in the perfect place at the perfect time of our lives.  If you’re one of my Instagram followers, you came along with me, but I took a little break from the blog to really focus on family and be in the moments while we had the opportunity to experience it all together!  And now I’m back and ready to share it with you.  To those of you who gave me your suggestions– thanks so much!  We did pretty much everything people had suggested, and just like I always do when we travel, I’ll share what we learned and what we suggest for when you plan your trip!  Because I know you’re going to want to!

Here are a few little snaps of some of my favorite moments.  And I’ll be back soon with more!  Aloha, y’all!