Father’s Day is almost here, which calls for handmade gifts by the kids.  Every dad needs at least one handmade treasure to hold onto when the kids are grown!  From hand prints to poems and everything in between, dads love these, and here’s how I know…


I made this little poetic masterpiece for my dad when I was in 2nd grade.  (Clearly, I was destined to be a writer! ha!)  He kept this bookmark in his bible from that time until he died 2 years ago.  I had originally made it with a red yarn tassel, but that didn’t stand the test of time.  However, my love for him has, and this little bookmark was a reminder of that for him.

So, gather your kids and make those little gifts.  Even the cheesiest ones can mean so much in the years to come, but I’ve found some really cute ideas from some crafty bloggers that will make Dad’s day.  Click on the links below the pics for the sources and how-to’s…


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Father’s Day Cut-Out Frame



Star Wars-Inspired Footprint Keepsake


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Scrabble Tile Picture Frame


DIY Grill Platter


Printable Father’s Day Cards 


We’re Nuts About You Photo Frame