I can’t really say why I love biscuits and gravy so much.  Maybe it’s my Southern roots, and maybe it’s just because the very mention of it reminds me of my Mamaw.  We had biscuits and gravy every time we spent the night at their house.  Mamaw would make the biscuits, Papaw would make the gravy.  And Mamaw always served everything with a huge side of hugs and kisses.  Food was how she loved us, and she loved us big time.

So, with her in mind, I penned a new printable for our kitchen and I’m happy to share it with you as well.




Just click here to download and print for yourself…



And if your mouth is watering for a good biscuit right about now, click here to get the recipe for Ruby Tuesday’s Garlic Cheese Biscuits I shared awhile back!


Meanwhile, this sweet sentiment is brought to you by my crazy state of emotions as we head into this weekend.  I’m just browsing through some old pics of these two, wondering if there’s been some miscalculation in the birthdays because they cannot possibly both be leaving for college!


grant abby 2016



My biggest consolation is that they will be together (even if they have to be away from us!) so they can keep on being a great team.  And it will only be about 12 weeks until I get to kiss these sweet faces again!



I’ll survive this, right?!  Y’all pray for me!