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Well, Abby is almost completely packed up and ready to head off to college.  We’ve successfully monogrammed almost everything she owns, like every good Southern girl must do.  I recently shared a shot of her bedding on Instagram, which includes a banana leaf tropical print pillow we made after having the fabric monogrammed.  I found the fabric from this Etsy seller.  (Remember this easy DIY zippered pillow how-to?)  Since I had some of the fabric left over, I decided to surprise her with a little wristlet she could take with her as well.

These are super-easy to make and you can have one done for a few dollars in less than an hour!

Here’s what you’ll need

  • a piece of fabric measuring approximately 10.5″ X 14.5″ (you can have this piece monogrammed first or even after the purse is finished if you prefer a monogram)
  • another piece of fabric for the wrist strap, measuring approximately 16″ X 2″
  • a piece of medium-weight fusible interfacing cut to the same size as the fabric
  • a 9-inch zipper




Start by ironing the interfacing onto the back side of the fabric by following the instructions on the package.  This provides a little stability to the fabric and lines it nicely.




Next, sew one side of the zipper, face down onto the top front edge of the fabric…




Then, repeat by sewing the other side of the zipper to the other top edge.




Next, cut the piece for the wrist strap and fold and press each long edge toward the center…






Fold and press again, and then sew along the edge to create the strap…





Loop the strap to where the raw ends meet, then place it inside the unzipped body of the bag, on one side near the top…





Pin it in place to hold for sewing.



Then, sew up each side…




If you want a flat bag, you can just turn the bag right-side-out and be finished…




Or, you can take it one step further and make it a flat bottom with boxed corners…



To do this, flatten the side seam against the bottom of the bag to create a triangle.  Measure 1.5″ down from the tip of the triangle and then pin it to mark the line, and sew across…





Repeat on the opposite side, then turn the bag right-side-out and you have a flat-bottom wristlet!



Add a tassel for even more cuteness!  Click here for my easy how-to for faux leather tassels!



Abby loves hers and I have to say, it looks adorable on her, too!

Who’s ready to try one of these? They’re perfect for gifts or for treating yourself!

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