These little Sweet Treat kitchen towels were inspired by my love for birthday cakes. I do love a good birthday cake! I love looking at themandI love eating them. I also love a quick and easy sewing project. That’s why I’m loving these little cakes in my kitchen. And the best part is, they’re totally fat-free!

Want the recipe?

Just start with some basic flour sack towels…These came from Wal-Mart, but you can also buy online for a great deal here.

Whip up a pattern for the cake pedestal by cutting it out of paper. Remember when making a pattern, it’s best to fold the paper in half to cut so both sides are symmetrical.

Next, choose a piece of fabric for the pedestal and adhere Heat N Bond or a similar iron-on adhesive to the back, following the directions on the package.

Then, use the pattern to cut out the pedestal and iron it onto a towel.

Make a zig-zag stitch around the border of the fabric to complete the appliqué.

Next, you’re ready to add the frosting. Cut 3 equal lengths of ruffle trim (approximately 5 inches each). Pin the bottom layer just above the cake pedestal and then sew it on with a simple straight stitch.

Repeat with the next 2 layers of frosting, slightly overlapping each onto the one before.

Add the birthday candles by cutting tiny strips of fabric and sewing them on with a straight stitch.

Don’t forget to light the candles by painting on some tiny flames with gold acrylic paint.

Bon Appétit!

{My apologies for the quality of these pics. They’re just a little wacky this time. Sorry!}

I’m sharing this recipe with a few of these friends.

**Happy birthday today to my good friend, Jenny! Wish I could be there to share a piece of your cake!