One of the most popular projects I’ve done on this blog was my Blessings Board that I did waaaay back when. A few of you might remember this!

Every year since then, it’s been a tradition for us. I put up our board in the fall, all of us write our favorite blessings on it, and then we erase them and write new ones each week. We used that originalboard for 5 years, and this year, I decided to give it a little update…

Instead of using a glass surface like before, I wanted a type of chalkboard, since that fits right in in this house! So, I headed to Hobby Lobby and found everything I needed. I started with this painted burlap canvas, which is available in several different sizes for a great price with your 40% off coupon. This large one ended up being $9!

I also chose these great gold metallic number stickers…

And then there’s this great product that I’ve used for other projects! These are chalkboard placemats, but I’ve found that they’re great for all kinds of chalkboard ideas.

I also used some metallic striped paper and stickers that I already had to make the little banner…

I used a little hot glue on the back of the canvas to hold a piece of twine in place, then clipped on the pennants with some mini clothespins!

Next, I spaced my numbers out evenly, then just stuck them on.

The thing I love about the chalkboard placemats is that they are thin enough to be cut with scissors, yet they’re a durable vinyl material that can be wiped with a damp cloth!

I measured and drew my guidelines on the back, then cut the strips and glued them in place with a little hot glue.

And now it’s up in its regular spot, ready to display the reminders of all that we have to be thankful for and just how blessed we all are.

Not every project I’ve done on this blog has been fabulous or life-changing, but when I first came up with this, I thought that it would be a good idea for our kids. It turns out that it’s a really good idea for me. Does your house need one of these?

PS: I also made a printable version of my original if you’d like to print it out and frame it. Find that here!