I asked for your opinion, and you gave it. And because of your encouragement, this house now has a chalkboard wall! (Okay, technically I had already talked myself into it, but I love that you were on board!) As I shared on my new Instagram, I painted it several days ago, and even waited patiently for the recommended curing time, and now it’s done!

Remember this wall before?…

Here’s how it all went down: I chose to use this Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint based on its good reviews and great price.

I carefully cut in with a 1 1/2″ brush all around the top, bottom and sides, then used 6″ foam rollers like theseto cover the wall.

Most reviews I had read said that it only required 2 coats for a wall that was previously primed or painted, and 2 coats covered well for me!

Just a couple of tips: the paint is a little on the thin side, so be sure to use a drop cloth to protect surfaces and keep a wet cloth handy to wipe up if necessary. Also, watch for drips or ridges left by the brush or roller. You want as smooth a finish as possible since you’ll be writing on this! If you miss a drip and it dries, just sand it smooth again and paint over it!

The manufacturer recommends letting the paint cure for 3 days and then to season the wall by rubbing chalk all over it before writing on it. As hard as it was, I followed all the directions to a “T” so it would turn out as best as possible, and so far it’s awesome!

Did you notice I found a new chest? That was a great deal from Tuesday Morning. I wasn’t crazy about the original knobs, so I switched them out with some more sparkly ones from Hobby Lobby.

And as for the art… it was my largest yet, and I had so much fun chalking it! I used a level to draw my side guidelines, and a few more to get a curved letter effect.

I’m so glad I had my Complete Book of Chalk Lettering to refer to for other great tips, too! I am loving this book and I highly recommend this to every budding chalkboard artist. Valerie McKeehan has been one of my favorite chalk artists for a long time, and I’m pretty sure we would be great friends if we ever met in person. And just because I love y’all and I’m feeling generous– let’s have a giveaway!

I’m sending one of you a copy of this because it is just so fun! It’s the simplest giveaway ever: just comment here, on my blog Facebook page, or on my Instagram(or all 3!) and be sure to follow me as well! I’ll draw one lucky random winner on Friday evening, October 30 at 8pm EST and announce it on my social media then! (Must be in the U.S. for this one!) If you can’t wait that long, buy it for a great deal here!

And if you’d like a free printable of my art, you can download it here!

May all your grand adventures be with the right people and all your chalk art turn out justthe way you want it! Don’t forget to tell your friends aboutthe giveaway!

TDC Before and After

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