In recent years, many fabulous foodies and bloggers have boosted the popularity of the once-dreaded Brussels sprout. No longer do they hold the title of World’s Most Hated Vegetable. In fact, since I’ve learned to make them this way, my kids have actually been known to ask for them on occasion.

I thought I had already shared this recipe here, but apparently not, so I’m sharing it now for those of you who haven’t yet dared to try this. It’s so simple, healthy, and yummy that you might even find yourself making it on a regular basis!

Here’s what to do: Preheat your oven to 400º, then chop your fresh Brussels sprouts in half lengthwise and place them on a roasting pan that’s been lightly greased with olive oil.

Drizzle more olive oil over the Brussels sprouts and then sprinkle on some Mrs. Dash and fresh, grated Parmesan cheese. Then, just roast in your oven for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown.

That’s it! Such a great side dish for all kinds of meals. We had some last night with homemade mac and cheese. (Yes- had tobalance that out with somethinghealthy.)

So who else out there loves some Brussels sprouts?