It’s so pretty, and ruffly, and light and airy.

(But it’s also quite pricey at $118.)

So, when my Abby spotted it at Anthro several months back and asked if I’d make her one, I thought, “Wellll, I coouulld…”

But before I ran out to buy all that fabric, I thought I’d just check. And sure enough, right here on Amazon, for a beautiful $18.96, was this one…

No, not an exact match, but still great. And Abby loves it. And did I mention it’s $100 less than the original?

It even comes in several other color choices, including all white! If you’ve been wanting one, click here to order.

And in the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more deals for you and hope you’ll do the same for me. Happy bargain hunting!

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