When I graduated from high school, my parents gave me a set of luggage. (Being the genius that I was, I took that to mean it was time for me hit the road for college.) But, I also received a lot of what every graduate needs from friends and family: cash. And since that’s the gift most of you like to give graduates, why not get a little creative and award them with this money chain to express your congrats?

It’s super-easy, and requires little more than cold, hard cash. It took 20 bills to make this chain, plus one more for a bonus. Make the chain the old-school way by folding the bills in thirds, then holding the loop together with one small staple.

Just keep looping until you’ve got your chain, then add 2 more links of paper to hold the medallion.

I cut my medallion from glitter paper (Hobby Lobby) and some zig zag craft sheers.

Staple the medallion onto the paper links.

Next, fold the bonus bill into a fan and use a tiny piece of scotch tape to hold the ends together.

Then, just add the bill and a message tag to the medallion with a few small dabs of hot glue, which can easily be removed from the bill later.

Here’s my Abby modeling it for the camera. (Thank the Lord she’s not graduating for a couple more years!)

I’m pretty sure any graduate would be happy to receive this, even it takes them a few minutes to get the staples out.

And if you’re throwing a graduation partyand need some free printables, I’ve got some for you here.

Congrats to the Class of 2014! May youreceive lots of cash for your graduation and a set of luggage to carry it in! Best wishes and prayers for you all.