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Animal Print Accessories We Love (and Where to Find Them!)

If there has been one style trend that never has gone out of fashion from generation to generation, and in many ways, only gaining in popularity, it’s animal print!  In fact, to call it a trend is just not accurate because it’s more like a staple that has stood the test of time.  I’ll never…

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room on a Budget

Yes, it’s the week of Thanksgiving and yes, I’m getting ready for the big Christmas decor transformation at my house, but I have lots of decorating on my mind as my mom’s house is nearing completion!  I’ve been busy helping her choose paint color, light fixtures, and other finishes for weeks now, and now we’re…

The Real Story on My New Faux Christmas Trees (yes, there’s more than one!)

Over the weekend, I shared on my Instagram stories that I made history in my house this year by putting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving! Even my kids were protesting a little bit, but I really do have good reasons for it.  For one, I’m trying to get a little jump on things because…

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