As much as I wish I could pretend I’m living the perfectly glamorous “I’ve got it all together” kind of fairy tale life, you all know better than that. I try to keep things real here on the blog, and sometimes that means talking about the hard stuff, like I posted about Monday. And then sometimes it means talking about the funny stuff, like I’m posting about today.

Y’all know I’m just a girl, with a great husband, trying to figure out how to get her kids to turn out right, who does a little crafting and decorating in her spare time, then blabs all about it with her little world on this blog. And every once in a while, I get to do something really fun, like be on TV.

When our local station called last week to ask if they could come do a segment about my recent bedroom update, I was more than happy to say yes. One room, one segment? No big deal.

So, yesterday, I had the room all ready, tried on 3 shades of lipstick ’til I found the right one, and even got to wear the wireless mic like the professionals.

And then all I had to do was rattle on about the room.

There were a few times I was like, “What did I just say?”, but thankfully, Allie knows what she’s doing and she edited the piece to make me look competent. (Thanks, Allie!)

I did have a little “Oh, no” moment when she asked to do a few shots in another room, and I had to think fast on which room would be the least disastrous after our routine school morning rush. And my fears were confirmed when I had to brush breakfast crumbs off Allie’s seat for the interview. (Yes, that happened.)

And thankfully, the camera doesn’t pick up on everything. The lamp in the living room hid my dead orchid. (Yes, even though I tried very hard not to, I think I killed it.)

And at the end of the interview, when the anchor says, “The house looks like it’s from a catalog!” That’s just because he couldn’t see the huge stack of catalogs and all the other kid clutter on the coffee table and under the sofa just behind me while the cameras were rolling.

So there ya go, the real deal behind the segment.

Here’s how it turned out when it aired this morning:

var p = new anv_pl_def();p.loadVideoWithKey(“eyJwIjoiNTciLCJtIjoiR1JUViIsInYiOiIyODAyNDAzIn0=”);

The news crews do a great job of pulling together a piece for a great story. But, I can’t bear to have y’all thinking everything is all fairy tales around here. Although, I must admit, we do wear crowns occasionally. And at any given time, you might find one cluttering up the coffee table.

One again, thank you all for your support during the tough times and during the fun times. It’s great to have you as readers and as friends!