If you’re looking for an easy, but fun idea for your Super Bowl party, a popcorn bar may be just the thing. I’ve shown you this idea before, but this time I added a football spin on it just in time for the big game.

And since the popcorn is obviously the MVP of this party, it needs a good presentation. So how about some football-themed paper cones to put the popcorn in?

These are so easy to make with just an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, some glue, and a paint pen. I found the perfect paper at Hobby Lobby that looks just like the cover of a football. And on sale weeks, it’s only 22¢ per sheet!

Just twist the paper into a cone shape and trim the extra corner that wraps around the front…

Then use a little hot glue to hold it together.

Then draw on the laces with a white paint pen and they’re done!

Put them in a basket with some green tissue paper, and they’re ready to be filled.

Set out your favorite toppings for the guests to make their popcorn creations, and the popcorn bar is ready to go.

Don’t forget, I’ve got all the printables you need to finish the table, whether you’re a fan of the Broncos or the Seahawks. Click here and here to download and print them!

And for one more easy idea–you can turn any of your platters into a chalkboard in minutes with my favorite chalkboard contact paper. Click here for a great deal on it. And click here if you want to see how I used it on my garage door! Love this stuff!

I hope you have a ball with these ideas and printables. No pun intended, of course.

As forthe breaking news, I shared these ideas on our early morning news program this morning (emphasis on the early) and I’ve added the video below if you want to see me pretending to be a professional. Happy partying!

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