I hope your Christmas to-do list is starting to wind down so that the true celebrating and merry-making can begin! We took a little trip to Asheville, NC over the weekend to make some Christmas memories, and I brought home some eye candy to share with you, too!

Because we love Biltmore, we stopped in for a couple of hours to see the house once again all decked out for Christmas.

And then, we headed to Grove Park Inn for the first time. Maybe one day we’ll get to go back and I’ll take some more pics for you, but it’s gorgeous! We had dinner at one of the restaurants, the Edison, and it’s hard to say whether we loved the food or the atmosphere the most. (I highly recommend the Pretzel Bread and the Fish ‘n Chips!)

But what I really can’t wait to show you is the amazing National Gingerbread House Competition. Maybe you’ve heard of this, but every year since 1991, The Grove Park Inn has held a gingerbread competition and it has turned into a showcase of edible artwork that is just unbelievable. The entries are not limited to only gingerbread, but every part of each design must be edible.

There are adult, teen, and child categories, and each and every one did an amazing job this year. I snapped some pics of a few of our favorites so you can be amazed as well. (I’ve included the name of the artists in the photo with their designs.)

In the youth category, we loved these:

And in the teen category, here are some more of our faves:

And the entries in the adult division just get more amazing…

The first place prize went to this artist for her panda bear design. So hard to believe this entire piece is edible!

But our family favorite was the “Fantastical Christmas Contraption”, complete with the most detailed confectionary characters imaginable.

My kids went nuts over seeing some of their favorite toys in miniature form all over this design.

I wish the pics could actually capture the details. Every one of the entries was a truly a work of art!

If you’re anywhere near Asheville from now through January 2, I recommend checking out the Gingerbread Competition at Grove Park Inn. Click here to visit their website and get more info! Have you been here before?

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. Now who’s inspired to bake some gingerbread?