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Here’s a little handmade gift idea that’s fun to make, but totally useful, too! They’re the perfect little gift for kids to make and give, and you may even want to make some for yourself!

These little zippered pouches are made with EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape from the Duck Brand® we know and love.  Many cute patterns are now available on Amazon, like this Frozen one!


The EZ Start® comes in some great patterns for the holidays and other designs for the rest of the year! Plus, it pulls off the roll smoothly and easily, so your packages and your projects can be frustration-free!

I used a couple of the holiday designs as well as some colored zippers from my local craft store to make these pouches.

Start by cutting your zipper to the length that you want your pouch to be (I made mine approximately 6 inches long). Then, tape off the end of the zipper with a small piece of the tape to create a stop.

Next, tear off 4 pieces of the tape in the same length as the zipper and place them face up on your work surface.

Next, tape them together, overlapping the long edges about 1/4 inch to create a sheet of tape.

Then, tear off 3 more strips in the same length and tape them to the sticky side of the “sheet”, leaving approximately 1/2 inch of sticky edge on the top and bottom.

Next, tape that sticky edge on the top of the sheet to one edge of the zipper.

Then, tear off another strip of the tape and stick it onto the back side of the sheet and zipper, smoothing it very securely.

Now stick the other end of the sheet to the second side of the zipper.

Then, unzip the zipper and carefully place one more strip to the underside of the zipper to secure it in place.

Now smooth the entire pouch and trim the ends to a straight edge if necessary.

Then cut a piece of tape for each end of the pouch to wrap around and close them up.

And that’s all there is to it! I made a second one out of the blue tape a little larger by adding an extra strip in the beginning steps.

These are great little gifts that won’t cost you much time or money! So get your EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape and get started!

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