Until last week, I wouldn’t really have called myself a Christmas sweater type of girl, but I have to say this project changed all that. Ilove it so much, I might just wear it all winter. And even better– it’s so easy with no sewing required!

I had spotted a cute deer silhouette sweater at C.Wonder a few weeks ago, but it was crazy-expensive, so I did what any thrifty DIY-er would do and made my own for just a few dollars. And you can, too!

Start with a fine-ribbed sweater in a solid color. I used this rayon/nylon blend v-neck I bought at Target.


















You’ll also need some ivory felt (a 20¢ sheet from the craft store works great), some Heat N Bond iron-on adhesive(buy online or afabric store), and this deer silhouette pattern.

First, print off the silhouette in the size you want, then cut a piece of felt and a piece of Heat N Bond to the basic size of the pattern.

Following the directions for the Heat N Bond, iron it onto the back of the felt sheet.

Then, cut out the silhouette.

I decided I wanted a neck for my deer at this point as well, so I used a piece of the extra felt.

Then, I just peeled off the backing of the Heat N Bond and ironed the deer onto the sweater, being careful that the entire appliqué adhered to the sweater completely.

And for the last little touch of bling, I sewed on a “diamond necklace” with some sparkly beads from Hobby Lobby.

And within a few minutes, the sweater was done.

It’s the perfect look for wearing to the Christmas party. Or heading out caroling with the gang.


Or for just putting on and forcing your kids to do a photo shoot of you on the driveway.

Did I mention I love it? Ihope you do, too. Who’s making one?

*P.S. Hand washing recommended for cleaning.

I’m sharing this with Inspiration Monday!

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