I’m ridiculous. I know. Every year, I say I’m keeping it simple, but after weeding through 100 or so pics of my decked-out halls for this post, I guess I’m over the top again.

But, I’ve just had a revelation: that’s kind-of who I am. It’s what I do. It’s who God made me to be.

Some live out their Christmasthrough music or writing, or quiet contemplation.

I write out my Christmas cheer on chalkboards all over the house and paper-craft my heart out all through the season.

It’s how I do Christmas. I make things. I do what I love to celebrate whom I love.

And I find creative ways to re-use what I already have or things I’ve made before.

Remember my silhouette hoop art from the spring? It turns out I love them hanging on the stockings, too.

I know some of you would rather stick yourself with a needle than have to sew a pillow, but for those of you who celebrate by sewing, you might like the tutorials for this advent pillow or this deer head silhouette pillow

I like adding Christmas in unexpected places. If something looks a little bare, I hang a wreath on it.

And I arrange and re-arrange…

All the while reminding myself to keep Christ at the center.

None of my decor is super-expensive or elaborate.

It’s just me, creating Christmas cheer with a little hot glue and a little glitter. Ok, sometimes a lot of glitter. (See more of the kitchen and get this free chalkboard printable here.)

Who knew that a little wrapping paper covering some canvases (and a little more glitter) could bring you JOY?

And there’s no need to chop up your favorite birch tree for a cute arrangement. Hobby Lobby sells this paper and you can wrap it around a vase for a quick and easy birch wood container.

And black poster board hot-glued onto a piece of wood will make an awesome chalkboard.

I crafted up a little more joy in the dining room with several things I had around the house…

…Or found on my aunt’s driveway…

Who throws away a vintage soda crate!?

And in case you missed the story behind my hole-ly tree, you can find it in this post and see more pics of this room.

But the point is, while all my crafting and creating and hosting and decorating stresses some people out, it just makes memerry.

And if I go a little overboard and forget how to leave well enough alone, and end up putting a wreath in the bathroom, it’s for a good reason…

We’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday. And I always want that to be a big deal in this family.

And whether you decorate big, or decorate small, I hope He’s a big deal at your house too.

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