So, although I have absolutely no way to prove it, I’m pretty sure this is the easiest chili recipe ever.

I’ve been making this since my husband and I first got married and–whatd’ya know? — I’m still making it all these years later.

With only 4 ingredients, it’s a perfect meal for any grocery budget. And the best part? It makes so much, it almost always makes two meals!

The ingredients:

1 lb lean ground beef

64 oz bottle of tomato juice

one chili seasoning packet

3 cans of light red kidney beans, drained

Just brown and drain the ground beef, stir in the seasoning packet, then add the juice and beans and cook until it’s nice and hot.

Because the recipe is so basic, it’s very kid-friendly. But you can kick it up a notch by adding your favorite hot sauce or using a hot chili seasoning packet. You can also easily add chunks of tomatoes and onions if that’s how you prefer it as well!

Our family loves it with sour cream, cheese and corn chips.

And I love that one pot makes our family of 6 two meals! So I can freeze half to save for a busy night when there’s not much time to cook. I’ve even put the frozen chili in the crock pot in the morning and it’s ready by dinner. Doesn’t get much easier!

Gear up for the cool fall and winter nights ahead with this super easy chili. I hope your family loves it!