A month ago, I would’ve never guessed I’d be posting about my mountain biking experiences today. After all, if you read my Family Hiking Tips post from a while back, you know I’m not exactly Outdoor Annie. But, life is full of surprises, as is this blog. And sometimes you get to do things you never realized you wanted to do.

The truth is, when we were asked if our family would like to try out a biking trail at CLIMBWorks in Gatlinburg and be filmed for a promotional video, I was picturing myself on a quiet bike trail, riding through the woods with my cute water bottle and Kate Spade clutch in my bicycle basket.

And then we arrived and I realized this was the real thing. Like mountain biking. In real mountains.

But the guys at CLIMBWorks were so great and super-helpful, adjusting our bikes, fitting our helmets (yet another element not included in my original picture), and giving us the run-down on riding the trail.

Here I am all, “So this is a mountain bike.”

The great thing is, they have a little practice trail you can go around a few times to get the hang of it and adjust your bike if necessary.

And we got to take our time, stopping and starting here and there so they could film us on the trail. Since the minimum age on the trail is 10, Lola couldn’t ride with us, but she hiked along with Reid, who was filming us, and was thrilled to death that he told her she could have a free drink afterward.

Lily did a great job riding once she got the hang of the bike, which is saying a lot, considering this is a pretty challenging trail.

And I was pretty proud of myself as well since I only thought I was going to pass out one time as I was pedaling up a hill.

One of the coolest things on the trail is what they call the Curly-Q. It’s a wooden spiral ramp built into the trail that my husband and older kids went crazy over. Be sure to watch the video to see more of it.

And Lily and Lola became fast friends with Bear, the company dog.

Here’s the promo video about the new trail, featuring a couple clips of us. Hint: I’m not the one catching air. I’m the one smiling as I ride by the camera. I know–I’m ridiculous. I see a camera and I smile.

CLIMB Works Mountain Biking from CLIMB Works on Vimeo.

Be sure to visit the CLIMBWorks site to learn more about all the adventurous stuff they have to offer, including their absolutely unbelievable 2 1/2 hour Zip Line Canopy Tour through the mountains. My husband says we’re all doing that next. I’ll let you know if I get up the nerve for it.

Click here to follow CLIMBWorks on Facebook and read about the special mountain biking offer going on now through May 18. CLIMBWorks is rated the #1 activity in Gatlinburg on Tripadvisor, so be sure to check them out! Go have fun!