I’m back! And I had a fabulous time, but that’s the understatement of the year. This was a trip of a lifetime for me, not just because I love Disney World, but because I was with some of my very best friends who also love Disney. So, add this to the list of things I highly recommend.

Take a trip with your best girlfriends to Disney World. And when you do, here are just a few tips for you to remember…

1. Go for your birthday. This whole trip was a gift from my husband to celebrate the fact that I’m turning 40 at the end of this month. So, when we arrived at the resort, they gave me this birthday button to wear for the stay. And let me tell you– it’s magical. Almost every Disney cast member will wish you a Happy Birthday. And free desserts and perks come out of nowhere. I’m thinking about wearing this button for the rest of the month to see if the magic works at home.

2. Stay somewhere fun. I never met a Disney resort I didn’t like, but the Coronado Springs Resort turned out to be right up our alley.

With gorgeous grounds and architecture, it’s just right for a girlfriends’ trip. Yet, you won’t forget you’re at Disney because there’s still a little Mickey hiding here and there.

3. Don’t spend too much time before the trip worrying about what to wear or how your hair will look. Because, chances are, it may end up raining most of the time and you will be wearing a poncho over your clothes anyway. And that’s ok, because the ponchos and crazy hair will only give you more to laugh about along the way.

4. Since you’ll be burning up the calories with all that laughter, you’ll be able to eat plenty of yummy desserts without feeling guilty!

5. Take plenty of pics everywhere you go, but beware of photo-bombers, especially in front of Cinderella’s castle. {Who on earth is that?}

6. Since there won’t be any kids with you, ride all the roller coasters as many times as you can stand it. It’s the funnest way to scare yourself to death and you’ll scream like a little girl.

7. Never miss an opportunity to don a pair of 3-D glasses. They go great with the rained-on look.

8. Be prepared for some laughs if you meet up with Git-Tar Dan in the Animal Kingdom. There’s a good chance he’ll ask your friends all about you and then write you a song on the spot. And if he does, there’s also a good chance at least one of your friends will photo-bomb the video.

9. Believe in the magic of Disney.

10. Be prepared for the tears. Because if your friends are like mine, you’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll cry. And then you’ll look at the pics later and laugh all over again.

Thanks again, Denise, Jenny, and Amy for making this one of the best trips ever. If this is what 40 feels like, bring it on. I can’t wait.