I’ve been loving Anthropologie’s Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to buying one the past few times I’ve been able to visit one of their stores. (The great news is, they’re opening a store near me very soon, so I’m just a little excited.)

I kept thinking one of these vases would have been great to have when I was styling my cafe shelves for Spring recently, but since I didn’t have one, I decided to use the inspiration to try making one myself.

I had a plain white ceramic vase I had picked up on clearance somewhere a while back, so I decided to try making a plastic spoon flower like some I’ve seen on Pinterest recently. Have you tried these yet? They’re tons of fun & easy to do. If you need the full tutorial, there are tons of step-by-steps on YouTube.

I made mine a little differently by using both ends of the spoon for my flower. Like the original tutorials, I used a candle to gently melt the spoons in the middle to break them in half, then I melted and molded the pieces into petals and stamens.

Once I had the pieces, I decided to paint mine before assembling. I found out later it works best to touch up with paint afterward anyway, so it’s really up to you whether to paint before or after. Since I wanted a bright coral color, I mixed up a little orange and hot pink craft paint to the hue I wanted.

Then, I just painted and let it dry.

To assemble, I used a little hot glue and layered the petals first, then glued the stamens in the center standing up.

Then I did that paint touch-up, and when it was all dry, I used a little more hot glue to attach it to my vase.

And since I was on a roll, I decided to paint another little vase I had bought at the dollar store, too!

Couldn’t have been any easier.

I love how it brings just the pop of color needed to my shelves. I’ll give you the details on the Hoop Art Silhouettes later this week. Click here to see the finished Spring Shelves.

Hope you like them!

I’ll be sharing this with a few of these friends!