Spring is officially in the house, starting with the transformation of my cafe shelves in the breakfast room. And since I’ve got a gold crush going on right now, I threw in a lot of it.

Like last year, I decided to style the shelves with a look that brightens up the space for Spring, but is neutral enough to carry through Summer as well.

One of the main events I have going on here is the gold striped canvas which was a breeze to make with just a basic canvas and some metallic gold Duck Tape. Have you seen all the great colors of Duck Tape these days? Get yours here or at your local craft store…

Then, just use a basic canvas in the size of your choice. Mine is an 18×24. No need to get an expensive one. The cheaper ones will work just fine for this.

Then, just tape on some stripes. I made mine diagonal, measuring at different intervals between each stripe to keep them straight and consistent.

Just wrap the tape around the edge to finish it off…

And that’s all there is to it. Wouldn’t two of these look great done in a mirror image of each other and hung side by side?

I’m loving the Duck Tape. It’s not just for ducts anymore. Or ducks either, for that matter. The possibilities are endless.

I put mine on the top shelf and added a little boxwood and bird for a touch of green for Spring.

And since I can hardly decorate anything without adding some kind of chalkboard, I decided to bring back my a monogram like I did on this one a couple years ago.

I made another ofmy new favorite easiest chalkboards ever and used my own pic from before as a guide. Then, I just popped the poster board into an empty frame I had found at Hobby Lobby and spray painted gold.

The silhouettes are my own kids, and the flower vase was super-fun to make as well. I’ll give you all the details on both of these projects later in the week. Who can guess what I used to make the coral flower?

So, there’s the start of the Spring decorating around my house. Much more to come. What’s going on around yours?