Embroidery hoops are no longer just a fave of great aunts and grandmas. If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest in the past several months, you’ve seen the cute things crafters everywhere are doing with these tools of the trade.

It’s one of the simplest ways to make cute wall art, and the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few inspirational pieces…






Adorable, I tell you. Creativity like this was what inspired me to make some hoop art for my cafe shelves for Spring using silhouettes of my kids.

There’s something so classic about silhouettes–especially when they’re your own kids. So, if you’d like some for yourself, here’s the how-to:

Start by taking a profile photo of your child in front of a light background.

Print the photos out in black and white on basic printer paper.

Cut each photo out and use as a pattern to cut from black card stock.

I used basic 6″ hoops from Hobby Lobby, which were only $.99 each, then sprayed them with a little gold spray paint to dress them up a little. {Note: if painting, it’s only necessary to paint the outer hoop since that will be the only one showing.}

When the paint is dry, insert the fabric of your choice. I used a piece of polyester that looks like linen.

Trim the excess fabric and use a little hot glue to tack down the raw edges on the back.

Then, add your silhouette with just a tad more hot glue.

Super simple, yet such a great statement for years to come. These would make great gifts for the grandmas and great aunts, too! And if you can’t get enough silhouettes of your kids, see my tutorial on silhouette jewelry. I still wear mine all the time.

I hope this inspires! Sharing with a few friends here.