When I’m 60, I hope that every wrinkle on my face will be due to the fact that I’ve smiled so much for so many years.

And I hope that I’ll have grandkids who know that I believe in them and will do all I can to encourage them during the good times and bad.

And I hope my life will be such a reflection of Christ that my children will think of me when they think of what a true Christian should be.

And I hope I’ll have influenced more people with my life than I would ever be able to count, and that I’m way too humble to ever even try.

When I’m 60, I hope the one word that describes me best isgracious.

And that I’m able to love people to Jesus because they’ve seen what He’s done through me.

In other words, when I’m 60, I hope I’m just like my dad.

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

I love you!