So, I’m sure you know that mustaches are all the rage right now. All the cool people are wearing them. On everything from t-shirts to party supplies to jewelry—they’re as fun as can be. That’s why my daughter, Abby, and I decided we needed a Mustache Hipster bag. And as soon as my husband saw it, he said, “Sweet ‘stache.” So, henceforth, it will be known as the “Sweet ‘Stache Hipster.”

And since I know some of you cool cats are going to want one for yourself, I have 2 options for you! You can either (A) buy a limited edition original made by Abby herself for sale in my blog shop here,

or (B) follow these easy instructions to make one yourself:

Start by cutting two 10″ wide X 9″ high pieces of the fabric of your choice. We used canvas drop cloth because I’m just a fanatic about the stuff and I always have some on hand.

Next, using the freezer paper stencil method I wrote about here, we cut out our mustache.

After the paint was dry, we sewed our zipper to the top edges of the two fabric pieces. (Be sure to line up the front side of the fabric to the top side of the zipper when sewing.)

Then, we sewed around the two sides and the bottom edge of the bag, being sure to sew up the ends of the zipper as well.

To create a flat bottom for the bag, hold the bottom corner of the bag, lining up the bottom seam with the side seam, creating a sort-of triangle point.

Measure down approximately 1/2 inch from the tip of the corner seam and pin. Then, just sew across, sort of “cutting off the corner” by stitching.

When the bag is turned right-side out, it should look like this…

To add the handle, take approximately 48 inches of belting, fold under each end, and sew a 1/4 inch hem.

Then, sew each end to the sides of the bag with a couple rows of stitching, and you’re ready to sport your new ‘stache.

You won’t be able to carry this without smiling. You’ll love it. Don’t forget to visit my shop to buy one ready-made!

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