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Time for a Great Giveaway (from Jord Wood Watches!)

I’m super-excited to to show you my newest favorite accessory today, and I know you’re gonna love it, too!  In case you haven’t noticed, wood watches are the newest trend in cool watches, and Jord Watches offers some of the most unique styles of watches I’ve seen!  They recently sent me this Zebrawood and Turquoise…

Easiest DIY Faux Leather Tassels (for less than $1 each!)

These little leather tassels are everywhere and I love them! My girls and I recently found some perfect supplies at a super price to make them ourselves–so, of course, I’m telling you all about it so you can, too! Once again, it’s Hobby Lobby that has come through for us, and made everyone’s day by…

Sweet ‘Stache Mustache Hipster Bag

So, I’m sure you know that mustaches are all the rage right now. All the cool people are wearing them. On everything from t-shirts to party supplies to jewelry—they’re as fun as can be. That’s why my daughter, Abby, and I decided we needed a Mustache Hipster bag. And as soon as my husband saw…

The Look for Less: Getting Your Pinterest Style Board into Your Closet

Ahhh, Pinterest. That beautiful place where the food is picturesque, the ideas are genius, the quotes are funny, and everyone has a gorgeous house and a wardrobe fit for a queen (or a Duchess–have you seen this dress on Kate? Breathtaking.) But, back here in Realityville, the clothing budget doesn’t usually stretch far enough to…

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