Fall decorating has started at this house, and the changing of the seasons has brought on the urge to change up more things as well! As many of you know, I’ve shared several versions of slipcovered ottomans on this blog in the past, but this one is the first round one I’ve done that I can remember! I made the decision to do this project on a whim last week and shared it on my Instagram stories and now I’m sharing a more detailed list of instructions here for those of you wanting to switch up your ottomans as well!

Remember my cute and colorful ottoman in the living room? I love it, but I wanted a look for fall and winter months that would work better with seasonal elements…

So, I went with a traditional classic that is timeless and fitting:  leopard print!

Such an easy switch up that I think you’ll love as well!  The instructions are obviously going to need to adapt to your specific piece, but the basic steps will be the same, so here goes!

Start by measuring your ottoman and determine the amount of fabric you will need.

Starting with the sides, measure the height and perimeter, adding an extra inch or so to allow for seams.  Next, cut your fabric pieces to the specifications needed.  Because the fabric was not wide enough to reach all the way around mine, I had to cut two pieces and sew them together to make a “loop”.

Side note: For those of you looking for a great sewing machine, my current model of sewing machine is not available, but I’ve linked a more current one below which I highly recommend!…


Next, put the sewn side piece onto the ottoman to check for a good snug fit.  

If the fit is loose at all, sew it again a little tighter and recheck.  Once the fit is perfectly snug, proceed to the next step!  

You’ll need to use some tissue paper or something similar to make a pattern for your top.

I like to fold the paper in half on one side of the top, then trace with a pencil around the edge.

Next, cut the paper to make your pattern, double-checking the fit to the ottoman.

Next, cut the fabric using the pattern, adding about an extra inch all the way around to allow for seams.

Next, with right sides of the fabric against the ottoman and wrong sides out, pin the top piece to the side fabric, creating a pin line where you will sew.

Then, remove the slipcover and sew along the pinned edge.  Them turn right side out and check the fit on the ottoman.

If any adjustments need to be made, sew once again.  When the fit is just right, then measure the bottom edge to determine how much length to hem up to finish the edge.

Then simply sew, trim all the excess strings and seams, and slip it onto your ottoman! 

This really is a simple project that even beginners can do!  Check below for more links to ottoman slipcovers I’ve done in the past as well.

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