Remember several weeks ago when I showed you how I made my girls some rolled fabric flower headbands? (Click here if you missed that post.) Well, we also made some belts using that same fun rolled fabric flower idea, but I got so busy with Spring decorating and Easter fun, that I’m just now getting around to showing them.

So, here they are now, modeled by myself and my Lily…

Very little or no sewing required. And super-easy and cute for girls of all ages.

All you need to make these are some rolled fabric flowers just like we used on the headbands, 2 to 3 inches of velcro, and enough elastic to go around your waist. I made one with basic white elastic for myself. And I found some great colored and polka dot elastic at Hobby Lobby to make some for my girls.

To make the belt, just wrap the elastic around your waist, allowing it to overlap by 3 inches on each end. In other words, take your waist measurement and add 6 inches. Next, sew on the velcro to the ends of the elastic so it will close together and create the belt. (You can use hot glue for this step if you don’t want to sew.)

Lastly, just hot glue the flower onto one end of the belt and you’re done.

I told you these are easy! And using elastic for belts makes the possibilities endless.

These are so much fun, they make you just want to twirl.

Too bad I can’t find those pictures of me twirling, too! Ahemmm.

Sharing this project with a few of these parties! Check them out!