I’m so excited to show you my most recent furniture make-over. They’re for my Paris apartment. {You know, the one that exists in my mind and on the Pinterest boards of people with really good taste.} It looks kinda like this….


With a living room that looks like this…


or maybe this…


and bathrooms like this…


and this…


and another room like this…


with a view like this…


So, that’s the apartment I was thinking of when I found these matching thrifted twin beds…

And now that they’re finished, I think they’re just right.

These did take a little longer than my usual easy makeovers, but they turned out exactly like I wanted them. And here’s what I did to get there:

First, was a light sanding. I use a power sander because it’s quick and easy, but you do have to be careful not to sand too deeply with these little things because they can damage the wood.

Next, I sprayed on a couple light coats of primer because I was painting a light color over a dark stain. Otherwise, I usually skip this step. (Don’t tell the professionals.)

And then, I did several over-all coats of Heirloom White.

The hardest part of this job was measuring and taping the stripes to be sure they were even and straight. When painting stripes on furniture, I always let the piece determine the width and number of stripes. Start from the center and make each side symmetrical. I also measure and re-measure all the way down as I apply the tape. A small level comes in handy as well.

And then I painted the stripes in some Sherwin Williams’ Aquasphere that I had left over from this project.

And for the finishing touch, I trimmed them out with Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold. (You can find this at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores.)

I painted it in the groove of the footboards and the top and side edges of the headboards. And it definitely made these pieces.

These may just be my favorite pieces I’ve done so far. In fact, until I can take them to Paris, I’m thinking about replacing our king size bed in the Master and bringing in these babies– Lucy and Ricky style. But something tells me my husband won’t go for it.

So, those are my latest and greatest. And, FYI, my sensible side is supposedly listing these for sale this weekend. Local friends, they’ll be $225 for the set of two headboards and footboards, if you’re interested. They also come with rails. And a lotta love.

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